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A $200,000 Bottle of Aspirin

A $200,000 Bottle of Aspirin

Picture this: The buzz of people and the hum of electricity.  A bright glow emanating from a virtual army of lighting, stands and umbrellas.  Two days of planning, test-shots and hard work to produce the perfect photograph.  Finally a photograph worthy of the subject - a $2 bottle of aspirin.  

That's right, friends - a bottle of aspirin.  A colleague of mine who is now a real estate agent used to make a living in Hollywood as a studio lighting technician.  He explained to me how they would spend hours or even days, not to mention a lot of money, lighting something as insignificant as that bottle of aspirin.  "How funny," he said, "that people don't think high-quality professional photography of even a $200,000 home is absolutely necessary to make it a competitive offering in today's market."

I'm sure we've all seen the rushed "iPhone photos" looking through the various online or print ads for real estate.  How can a multi-thousand dollar home not be worthy of good photography at least as much as a $2 bottle of aspirin?  The answer -- it is!  With a little bit of training, a lot of practice and some basic equipment you can have as much fun as I do making a beautiful photograph.
 A photograph that captures the attention of a real estate agent or future buyer while they blow right by the dozens of other photographs of homes that nobody cared about enough to make them stand out.

This is what I love to do.  To take something ordinary and make it extra-ordinary.  Perfect? - Far from it!!  I simply hope that by sharing my experience with others, I can not only enrich their lives and businesses, but can also add value to the industry as a whole.  Value that will ultimately help generate more revenue per photo and more business overall as we learn to take our photography and virtual tour marketing to the next level.

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