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New Gadgets

Some gadgets to make life easier

Hoodman 3.0 loupe

Glare free LCD viewing loupe
for all LCD screens
+/-3 diopter adjustment
German optics
rubber coated body
detachable lanyard
carry case
fits up to 3” LCD screens

This loupe makes it simple and
painless to view the LCD screen
in the brightest daylight.

Adorama Double
Bubble Spirit level

Crystal clear housing slips on a camera shoe mount or lays flat on its side.

The use of a bubble level aligns the camera with the subject matter, eliminating "tilted" photographs. Landscape, horizontal, or portrait, vertical, formatted pictures benefit from the use of the Flashpoint Bubble Level. QTVR panoramic photography requires the digital camera to be absolutely level with the horizon. Without a bubble level, this becomes just a guess and can cause much more computer correction work later.

Eliminate tilted portraits. Reduce the amount of time computer correcting each tilted portrait with the addition of the Flashpoint Bubble Level to your arsenal of important photo gear.

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