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Nikon's new D7000

The newest Nikon entry, the D7000.

User selected settings help you switch from HDRi settings
to sports photography settings by simply moving
from user setting U1 to U2.

Program all your settings into each user defined
setting once and forget it.

There are EXIF settings and Auto Exposure
for forty year old lens.

14 bit color storage introduce subtle nuances.

16.9 Megapixel sensor is a strong plus.

It has a shutter quieter than
a Leica in quiet mode. LOL

Some writers claim that the D7000
is only one step below Nikon’s flagship D3x

DX0 has tested it and confirms the above.

There are some who say the D7000 is slow to focus,
only if you use the LCD screen,
If you use the viewfinder it outrageously fast and accurate

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