Fine Real Estate Photography Taos

Changing the world, one image at a time…

Most Real Estate photographers just document the property.

I aim to create an emotional attachment for the property.

We want the prospective buyer to fall in love with their new home.

the LightZone at libertynetworkDesign

We here at the LightZone , collect all the light through the finest optics

Capturing the light on the world class top rated 24.3 megapixel CMOS sensor

Each scene is captured three, five, seven or nine times at differing exposures
to capture all the highlights and shadows left behind by most photographers.

All of the light is captured in “raw” format employing the Adobe RGB
© model.

These multiple images are then merged in a 32 bit floating point cyberspace
in a commercial high performance Unix workstation illuminating
all of the shadows and taming the highlights,
saturating all of the colors,
removing the typical veiling haze of digital images.

This is especially effective in high-end properties.

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“ You don’t take a photograph,
you make it.” - Ansel Adams

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